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Ep 27: Kong Off II - Donkey Kong at Netherworld Barcade, Q-Bert Victory, ZBall Pinball League Final, Kaboom, and More!

December 21, 2018

Game the System Podcast Episode 27. Join Marc Bell, John Pansini, and Matthew Tolhurst talking about all things gaming.

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Intro music from

Australian Kong Off II

Star Wars Pinball (2017)

Total Nuclear Annihilation Pinball (2017)

Burger Time (1982)

Tapper (1983)

Q*Bert (1982)*bert

Australian Kong Off III / Brisbane Masters 2019

Z-Ball League Final

Lazer Cue Pinball (1984)

Barracora Pinball (1981)

Spider-Man Pinball (2007)

GameBoy Player

Super Mario Ball (2004)

Metroid Prime Pinball (2005)

Devil’s Crush / Dragon’s Fury / Devil Crash (1990)

Marc’s Ghouls’n Ghosts Speedrun

GTS Holiday Stream 29th December

Kaboom! (1981)!_(video_game)

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