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Ep 43: Streets of Rage 2 Speedrunning, Joystick Jostling with MCA and Sanwa, and The Ultimate 64!

June 6, 2019

In this episode Marc practices some Walking Dead pinball in preparation for the Southern Hemisphere Pinball Championship, and the Brisbane Pinball Masters. John's still rushing and mashing his way through Streets of Rage 2. Marc switches out an MCA joystick and buttons for a full Sanwa set and gives it the business. Plus the Ultimate 64 arrives, is built, configured, and firing on all SIDs!


Intro music from

Brisbane Pinball & Arcade Collective Showcase Event

The Walking Dead Pinball (2014)

Streets of Rage 2 (1992)

Speedrun Leaderboard

Sanwa Joysticks and Buttons

MCA Joystick Discussion on Shoryuken

Ultimate 64

Commodore 64 SID Chip

Rob Hubbard

Ben Daglish

Commodore 65

GTS Discord Channel (join us!)


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